Family-Owned Funeral Homes: The Right Choice in Your Time of Need

Over the years many family owned funeral homes have been acquired by large, international corporations; you may have noticed advertisements for funeral homes featuring family ownership.  But you may ask yourself what difference does it make if a funeral home is family owned or corporate operated?  The most important factor to you is price; family owned funeral homes typically charge much less than corporate operated funeral homes, and for very good reasons. 

 Family Owned

When the corporations acquired the family funeral homes they typically borrowed money to pay for those businesses, leaving them with large debt payments.  Most family owned funeral businesses have little if any debt because the businesses have been in the family for many years. 


 Secondly, family owned funeral homes do not have stockholders or Wall Street investors to answer to.  Family owned funeral homes work for the families that choose them; just one family serving another. 


Third, family owned funeral homes do not have corporate overhead like big offices, highly paid CEO’s and Board of Directors.   


Fourth, and most important, is that funeral customs are not the same everywhere.   In fact, funeral services vary greatly from one region of the country to another.  Corporations transfer managers from one funeral home to another; often to communities new to them.  It is very difficult for corporate executives to understand the nuances of a funeral in a part of the country they are not familiar with.   Family members and staff at locally owned funeral homes are typically from the community they serve, and work there for generations.  As a result we have a better understanding of the expectations of the families that select our firm. 


Not all corporations are bad for the communities they are in.  Large manufacturing companies, airlines, and other businesses that require large capital investments are good and necessary.  But a funeral business is by its very nature a local business, and we feel we are better positioned to give you the best value, the best service, with people you can trust.  After all, our name is on the sign and our reputation is our most valuable possession.

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