The Greenest Way to Say Goodbye: Choosing Flameless Cremation
Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017

Bailee McQueen:  [00:00] Welcome to season two of Anderson‑McQueen’s radio show, “Undertakings.”

John McQueen, President & CEO of Anderson-McQueen, featured here with the Bio-Cremation Unit

[00:05] I’m Bailee McQueen, your guest host for today, and as always on this show, we undertake those subjects that you want to know about.

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[00:30] Our topic for today is the Greenest Way to Say Goodbye: Choosing Flameless Cremation. Our special guest today is John McQueen with Anderson‑McQueen, who will help us in undertaking this worthy subject. Welcome, John.

John McQueen:  [00:43] Thank you, Bailee, it’s a pleasure to be here with you today.

Bailee:  [00:46] It’s a pleasure to have you, thanks for making the flight out. John, we’ve got several questions for your today. First of all, the most important, what is flameless cremation?

John:  [00:55] That’s a great question, Bailee. Flameless cremation is a gentle, water‑based process that is even more environmentally friendly than our traditional flame cremation process.

[01:06] It offers all the same benefits and flexibility of traditional cremation, but by using a different technology that features a steadily circulating, warm water solution, which uses less energy and creates a smaller carbon footprint.

[01:22] Flameless cremation is really a great option for people who want to honor a loved one in a cleaner and greener way.

Bailee:  [01:29] That sounds very interesting, John. Is it true that Anderson‑McQueen was the first funeral home in Florida to introduce this new cremation process known as bio‑cremation?

John:  [01:41] Bailee, that is true, but actually, we were really the first funeral home in the world to introduce bio‑cremation. This new technology had never been used anywhere, and on a retail‑type basis, it had been used some medical schools for anatomical donation, but had never been used for the consumer. We were the first in the world to introduce this process.

Bailee:  [02:07] First in the world, that is amazing! What prompted Anderson‑McQueen to pursue this new technology?


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