Medicaid Qualifications in a Nursing Facility
Thursday, June 2nd, 2016
Charlotte Yensen Photo

Charlotte Yensen, President Long Term Care Solutions, LLC

John McQueen:  [00:02] Welcome to Anderson‑McQueen’s radio show, “Undertakings.” I’m John McQueen, president and owner of Anderson‑McQueen Funeral Homes. As always, on this show we undertake those subjects that you want to talk about.

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[00:35] Our topic for today is Medicaid qualifications in a nursing facility. Our special guest today is Charlotte Yensen with Long Term Care Solutions LLC who will help us in undertaking this worthy subject.

[00:49] Welcome, Charlotte.

Charlotte Yensen:  [00:51] Thank you very much.

John:  [00:52] It’s indeed a pleasure to have someone with your professional expertise here today to help our listeners navigate their way through the many long term care decisions for themselves or an aging parent. Before we get started though today, diving into the subject with all the nuts and bolts of long term care, why don’t we take just a minute and share without listeners a little bit about yourself and your company, Long Term Care Solutions.

Charlotte:  [01:17] Thank you very much and good morning. Thank you for having me on your show.

[01:21] Long Term Care Solutions, we are a Medicaid filing company. We assist individuals and family members of loved ones in a nursing facility understand what Medicaid is, how to qualify, how to preserve assets, and how to have Medicaid cover the expense of the nursing facility as opposed to spending down everything and losing everything financially.

John:  [01:48] Because I always hear about Medicaid spend down. This can take a little bit of a different approach then to it. Is that what I’m hearing?

Charlotte:  [01:59] Yes. There are many, many legal ways to preserve assets and qualify for Medicaid. Just so we all understand, there’s really three ways to pay for the nursing facility for a loved one. When someone goes in the facility, nursing homes are generally around $7,500 to $8,000 to $9,000 a month.

John:  [02:18] Wow.

Charlotte:  [02:18] As you can imagine, most people will spend down or lose everything within six months or a year or two years. There are many legal ways to protect assets and qualify for Medicaid. People just don’t realize that it’s available to them, but it absolutely is.


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