Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe Year Round

petsafetyWhile living in paradise provides a year-round playground, we often spend more time with our pets playing outdoors and traveling during the summer. Here are a few tips to keep your furry friends safe in the car, at the park or on the beach.

Outdoor Play – Your pet’s paws are sensitive, so avoid walking them on the hot pavement. Go for strolls in the early morning or late evening, or walk in the grass if you must go out during the day. However, keep pets away from lawns that have been fertilized. Some plant foods, fertilizers and insecticides can be harmful if ingested.

Your pets love to play with you and may not know when to quit. Make sure they are properly hydrated and watch for signs of heat stroke, which includes excessive panting, drooling, red gums, or sluggishness. Dogs with short muzzles, thick coats or health problems are at greater risk and should enjoy the comfort of the indoors on very hot days.

Pets, like children, should be constantly monitored around pools. Even breeds known for water sports may not know how to swim, and those that do can still tire and risk drowning. When boating, keep your dog in a life jacket and under close watch.

Travel – More pets are joining their families on road trips than ever before. It is important not to leave them in a parked car as temperatures can escalate into triple digits. Even with the windows partially opened, there is not sufficient ventilation to keep your pet safe. Buckling up is the law for humans, but it is also the right thing to do for pets. Many companies make seatbelt systems and crates to keep pets safe while on the road.

Health – Fleas and ticks love summer too, and while we spend more time outdoors, there are more opportunities for pets to come in contact with them. It is important that pets are current with their heartworm, flea and tick medications and are used according to the listed directions.

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