Veteran’s Benefits

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“My husband got an offer for a free grave at a local private cemetery because he is a veteran. What other benefits can we receive because of his service?”

Any veteran discharged under conditions other than dishonorable, is entitled to burial in one of the national cemeteries set aside by the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. In addition to this award, the cost of perpetual care at that cemetery, the opening and closing of the grave, and a cemetery grave liner (which holds the casket to prevent the grave from sinking) is all provided to the veteran, and his eligible spouse without cost.

Regardless of where you choose to be buried, the Veteran’s Administration will provide a 12″ by 24″ bronze grave marker, a burial flag, and a Presidential Memorial Certificate, signed by the current president of the United States, to your next of kin, if requested by him or her. Some families choosing burial at a national cemetery are eligible for reimbursement of transportation expenses.

If a private cemetery is offering him a free grave space, you’d be smart to ask some important questions:

  • Is the free grave a conditional based upon any other purchases from the cemetery?
  • What if any restrictions are placed upon the marking of the grave?
  • Is there a cost for setting the complimentary marker provided by the VA on the gravesite?

Make sure that your questions are fully answered, and that the complete offer is made in writing.

Our professionals can advise veterans and their families as to their burial rights. Call on us today – as veterans of funeral service, we’re here to serve!

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