Will ‘Flameless Cremation’ Catch On?

Anderson-McQueen Funeral Homes was in the news once more today for being the pioneer in the world of flameless cremation.  Eric Grundhauser with Atlas Obscura interviewed John McQueen, President & CEO, earlier this week on our revolutionary new process for cremation consumers.  We have included a brief portion of the article below as well as a link to the entire article. 

April 13, 2017

Bio-cremation techniques make burning the dead look old-fashioned. So what’s stopping people from choosing it?

From flaming Viking funeral boats to the efficient infernos of modern crematoriums, humans have a long history of using fire to dispose of our dead. But traditional cremation practices can produce a number of toxic emissions, including high levels of mercury. Today, some funeral homes are embracing an alternative from the exact opposite end of the elemental spectrum, by using water to “cremate” the deceased. Trigger warning: things are about to get clinical.

Technically called “alkaline hydrolysis,” the process of using nothing more than water, heat, and a small amount of chemicals to break down a body is also known as “bio-cremation,” “resomation,” or simply, “flameless cremation.”

“It was our firm that coined the term ‘flameless cremation,’” says John McQueen, president of Anderson/McQueen Funeral Homes in Florida. Anderson/McQueen was one of the first businesses in the world to provide the service commercially, in 2011, and they are still one of only a handful of outfits in the world that offer flameless cremation to the general public.

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